Thursday, July 29, 2010

Single or double bowl kitchen sink?

The kitchen sinks are the focal point in your kitchen. When you look at sinks in show-rooms and home centers, you realize there’s a lot more to decide on besides the material. You will have to decide on what style of kitchen sink to get. Which will go with your kitchen design best? A single bowl or a double bowl kitchen sink? A single bowl residential kitchen sink is usually 25″ x 22″, and a double bowl sink is typically 33″ x 22″.

Single bowl kitchen sinks

This sink is economical, but difficult for hand washing and rinsing cookware and glassware at the same time. Single bowl sinks are usually used to hold larger cooking utensils. A single bowl sink is large enough for soaking big pots and pans. This is the reasons single bowl sinks are usually used as a second sink. A single bowl kitchen sink usually requires a 30-inch cabinet.

Double bowl kitchen sinks

Double bowl sinks are the most popular and handy for separating tasks. hey are not much more expensive than a single bowl version. Traditionally, double bowl sinks have been used to wash dishes in one bowl, while stacking them to dry in a dish drainer in the other bowl.

Whatever kitchen sink you choose, make sure you’re comfortable with it.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

About kitchen faucets

Choices for a kitchen faucet are more interesting and varied than before and they can really add to the decor of your kitchen. The main types of kitchen faucets are:
  1. Single handle
  2. Two handle
  3. Pull-out spray style
  4. Wall mounted
  5. Bar sinks faucets
Single handled faucets allow for quick and easy water control using just one lever, whereas dual handled styles have separate controls for hot and cold water.

Pull-out spray heads may be the most-requested feature in a faucet. As handy for washing vegetables as they are for cleaning the sink, a spray offers the flexibility of targeted spraying.

Spout height has grown in recent years. Newer looks include many styles of arched spouts that can reach a foot or more above the countertop. This feature comes in handy when filling large pots.

Reach is a factor to consider when purchasing a faucet. For example, a high arc faucet may have a very limited reach across the sink basin, which could make it less convenient to perform some tasks unless using a pull-out spray.

Finally, the faucet's finish is important too. Today, faucets come in shiny chrome, brushed nickel black iron, vintage-look aged bronze, copper, brushed brass, and more finishes. You just have to choose which one goes with your kitchen's design and style.